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Two and a Half Men Finale Ratings

Two and a Half Men Finale Ratings

The series finale of Two and a Half Men delivered its largest ratings in nearly two years. Over thirteen and a half million people watched the show say goodbye after twelve seasons on the air.

Two and a Half Men was first in viewers in its time period with 13.52 million people tuning in. The show had a 3.2/9 rating in the key adults 18-49 demographic, placing it second to ABC's Scandal.

Two and a Half Men was the third most-watched program on Thursday night, placing behind The Big Bang Theory and the premiere of CBS's The Odd Couple. The show was also the third top-rated show in the 18-49 demo, after The Big Bang Theory and Scandal.

The episode, which revealed that Charlie Harper was alive, to begin with, has received a mix reception with many people unhappy that longtime star Charlie Sheen did not return. According to Chuck Lorre's vanity card, the star was offered a part in the final episode but would not agree to the planned storyline.

The episode did feature many other familiar faces from Two and a Half Men, including former stars Angus T. Jones and Melanie Lynskey, along with surprise appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christian Slater. The show tackled both its on-screen and off-screen history with in-jokes and fourth-wall breaking moments right up until the end.

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Danny Mitchell United Kingdom, 13:55 1st May 2015.
It's a shame that Charlie left in series 9. He would have made it a happy place for everybody even the ones that were not in the show and just watching it 5 times a week every evening at 8pm. It all sucks now in Two and a half men seasons 2 to 12, RUBBISH.
angry , 11:52 5th Mar 2015.
hy i am a big fan of 2and a half man,but i cant stand that you kick carlie he was the best acter in 2and a half men i hate that you kick him, now it is st***d show.....
0rionSA South Africa, 23:21 27th Feb 2015.
a brilliant show. sad though that the ending was rather harsh and a bit childish. fans need closure instead a new can of worms was opened and everyone wanted to know what happens to Allan, how will he go on? so much more could have been done in my opinion. thank you for the site and thank you for a great show charlie sheen, jon cryer, ashton kutcher, agnus jones, chuck lorrie and each and everyone of you who made this a memorable show.

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