Episode 11.07 Ratings

Episode 11.07 Ratings

Yesterday's episode of Two and a Half Men finished a solid second in the ratings for its time slot with modest gains over last week.

"Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie" had an audience of 8.66 million people, adding 390,000 people from the last episode. Two and a Half Men rose a tenth of a point in the key 18-49 demographic to a 2.1/6 rating. Two and a Half Men ranked second, behind ABC's Grey's Anatomy, in all key ratings measures.

Posted on November 15th 2013 17:25 in Show.

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jake harper Italy, 04:02 18th Nov 2013.
Hello! I don't understand why they didn't do new intro. is amber tamblyn the half man now? according to producers (they promoted her as a regular), the answer is "Yes!". So why there's not season 11 intro? another question: why amber tamblyn does not appear in season 11 promotional poster? why in this website there's still Angus with Jon and Ashton? This show is no more TAAHM, is a different show! Hope they'll cancel it asap! ratings are the lowest ever!!
ryan Latvia, 20:28 15th Nov 2013.
GREAT episode!

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