CBS Announces Season 10 Finale

CBS Announces Season 10 Finale

CBS has issued the press release for the tenth season finale of Two and a Half Men. Hillary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) guest stars as Walden's hot young date, while Marilu Henner (Taxi) appears as her grandmother in this episode.

"Cows, Prepare To Be Tipped" - Walden dates a hot 22-year-old woman, but finds himself more attracted to her worldly grandmother. Meanwhile, Alan and Jake go on a father-son bonding trip, on the 10th season finale of TWO AND A HALF MEN, Thursday, May 9 (8:31 - 9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Hilary Duff guest stars as Stacey, Walden's hot young date. Marilu Henner guest stars as Linda, Stacey's worldly grandmother.

You can read more information about the episode in our Episode Guide. Two and a Half Men has not yet been renewed for an eleventh season. CBS and Warner Bros. are still negotiating the show to return next season.

Posted on April 22nd 2013 16:24 in Show.

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