'Two and a Half Men' moving to Thursday nights this Fall

'Two and a Half Men' moving to Thursday nights this Fall

Two and a Half Men is set to Thursday nights for the 2012/13 season, CBS announced today. Unveiling their fall schedule at their upfront presentation in New York, CBS revealed their plan to move the long-running show to the Thursday 8:30/7:30c slot, immediately following The Big Bang Theory.

In its nine-year history, Two and a Half Men has never moved to a different day, having started and remained on Monday nights. Two and a Half Men aired at 9:30/8:30c for its first two years, following the popular CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. From the 2005/06 season, Two and a Half Men has aired at 9/8c and became the crown jewel in CBS's Monday night line-up.

The Big Bang Theory, which will now lead in to Two and a Half Men, was co-created by Chuck Lorre, co-creator of Two and a Half Men. The Big Bang Theory was originally a Monday-night sitcom airing in a number of different slots on the night between 2007 and 2010. The Big Bang Theory moved to Thursday nights for the 2010/11 season and has now become one of the highest-rated sitcoms on TV. CBS has so far struggled to find a suitable partner for the Big Bang in the one-hour Thursday-night comedy block. Three different shows filled the 8:30 slot this season: How to be a Gentleman, canceled after three weeks; Rules of Engagement, a moderate performer but often used as mid-season filler by CBS; and Rob, also now cancelled.

Two and a Half Men's replacement in the Monday 9/8c slot will be 2 Broke Girls, which just completed its first season. How I Met Your Mother is to stay at 8/7c, while new sitcom Partners airs at 8:30. Chuck Lorre's Mike & Molly will also remain in its 9:30 slot and Hawaii Five-0 stays put at 10/9c.

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Comments (8)

Hugo E Agustin Mexico, 07:54 4th Aug 2012.
So sorry, but I don't like season 9. This TV Serie was better with Charlie Sheen!
Tomas Mexico, 17:44 14th Jul 2012.
charlie sheen sucks, check anger management ratings, only 2 million!! he sucks..., he really really sucks 8)
Thomas United States, 20:55 9th Jul 2012.
Eh i don't really watch the new episodes of two and half men, I seen maybe 1 or 2 but that's it. Aston is good but he aint no charlie sheen, And as for two and half men moving to thursday they are trying to compete with angermangement and its wont work two and half men is going to fail!
Larry Sit United States, 17:06 13th Jun 2012.
I like Aston Kructer, but I think the show would be a lot better if Charlie Sheen was back and keeping Aston Kructer also! Ber the show would be awsome!
jim ricker United States, 21:56 1st Jun 2012.
Get rid of the new guy. Have Allen's ex wife though Herb out and have Herb,Allen live together keep Berta, Jake and the ex on the show. Get the old writers back.
Adi88 Romania, 08:13 19th May 2012.
John Not necesarilly The Big Bang Theory started initially Monday Nights and later moved to Tuesday and continued to deliver strong ratings every week, so it's not a rule that a move to other nights kill a tv show
John United States, 23:04 17th May 2012.
It said its moving to thursday night, Don't shows end when they move to different nights.
Dilys Cooper United Kingdom, 07:00 17th May 2012.
Get Charlie Sheen back , just bought the box set & its hillarious , Ashton is good but he's no Charlie Sheen , GET HIM BACK !!!!!

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