CBS Announces Season 9 Finale

CBS Announces Season 9 Finale

CBS has announced the ninth season finale of Two and a Half Men, which will air Monday, May 14. Patton Oswalt (The King of Queens) reprises his role as Billy, Walden's ex-business partner.

Oh Look! Al-Qaeda! – Jake is pressured to make a decision about his future, on the ninth season finale of TWO AND A HALF MEN, Monday, May 14 (9:00-9:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Comedian Patton Oswalt (“The King of Queens”) returns as Walden’s ex-business partner.

You can read more about the episode in our Episode Guide.

Two and a Half Men has not yet been renewed for a tenth season, but negotiations are reportedly ongoing and the show is widely expected to return. CBS may wait until the Upfronts in mid-May to announce their decision for Two and a Half Men, especially if contract negotiations drag on. The Upfronts are when networks gather advertisers and the press together to reveal their new programs and announce their fall schedules. CBS's Upfront is set for  Wednesday, May 16.

Posted on April 24th 2012 18:25 in Show.

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Stian Norway, 11:30 15th May 2012.
I liked what Kerry wrote. It's not the same without Rose, Charlie, the old Berta. Even Evelyn. End it or hire Charlie again.
dave United Kingdom, 17:00 7th May 2012.
i know everyone else is saying this but please get charlie sheen back!!
Mr. Lyons Puerto Rico, 13:31 7th May 2012.
The show is missing Rose as well!
Jake United States, 01:24 4th May 2012.
Yes the alan being a loser is boring, please end the show before it gets canceled.
gee Canada, 18:24 2nd May 2012.
its not funny its just the same old plot with charecters that have no humanity anymore
Kerry Germany, 13:35 1st May 2012.
You are right, Alan finally should get a woman who he can love forever and his ongoing cheepness is boring! I'd rather watch the old episodes with Charlie than those with Walden because Alan and Walden and the grown up Jake are no fun anymore. The show is missing Evelyn, it's missing the old Berta and last but not least it's missing Charlie and the brotherly banter. Those brotherly scenes where the gold of the show but now it's only worth a penny. Sad, sad, sad and highly disappointing.
gen Canada, 00:32 1st May 2012.
Really can't stand the show anymore. Alan being a loser is old and boring and it's probably time to end it

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