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Kathy Bates to guest star as ... Charlie Harper?

Kathy Bates to guest star as ... Charlie Harper?

The ghost of Charlie Harper is set to appear Two and a Half Men on the April 30th episode of the show, but there's a catch: Charlie will be played by Kathy Bates (Harry's Law). Yes, you read that correctly; Misery and Titantic star Kathy Bates will play Charlie Sheen's old character.

In the episode, Alan suffers a minor heart attack and is visited at his hospital bed by the ghost of Charlie (Kathy Bates). Charlie Harper was killed off earlier this season, after actor Charlie Sheen was fired from the show following addiction problems and his outbursts against the creator.

Posted on March 19th 2012 19:27 in Show.

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hairbag Canada, 11:43 1st May 2012.
I watched the first show with Kutcher , was just another stupid show much like the 70's SHOW ....if you cannot eat crap and beg for Charlie to come back, then just cancel the show it is an insult to viewers and fans of the orignal 2 1/2 men
george  Canada, 20:33 11th Apr 2012.
The ghost of Charlie Harper is set to appear Two and a Half Men on the April 30th? Sorry, I missed it. I missed the whole season, because it's dead, borrrrring, helllllo...
Brian United States, 14:32 11th Apr 2012.
Why not bring back Charlie 4 good ? Like Rose was lying and he really ran off with a French hooker. No one likes Kucher and it would be the only way to save the show.
Sylvia  United States, 11:07 5th Apr 2012.
Really? Charlie should magically apperat if ou are going to maintain the show. No one can be Charlie ghoast or not unless it is Charlie Sheen. We do not need to have any of the 70's show interfere with 2 1/2 Men.
Meika Australia, 03:46 4th Apr 2012.
I love two and a half men so much that my friends think i am addicted to it. I would watch it like every time it was on TV and i own all the DVD box sets. But i don't really like how rude the show is getting..... either do my parents. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change how the show is going or you will lose one of your biggest!!
Vi Trautman United States, 13:19 20th Mar 2012.
Since you replaced Charlie with Krcher I do not watch show as it is not as interesting. I so enjoyed the show with Charlie and really liked Jake
Patrick Sweden, 11:15 20th Mar 2012.
Yesterdays episode of two and a half men was just weird
maria United States, 21:26 19th Mar 2012.
Wow. It just seems to get worst. Sorry guys but I am not watching the new Episodes. I am still watching the old ones on a daily basis. You know, the ones with Charlie.........Hello

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