Ninth Season Premiere - Comment Thread

Ninth Season Premiere - Comment Thread

The ninth season premiere of Two and a Half Men with new lead star Ashton Kutcher airs tonight at 9/8c on CBS. Kutcher replaces former star Charlie Sheen who was fired from the show last season after a string of personal problems. The former That '70s Show actor will play the role of Walden Schmidt, an internet billionare with a broken heart, who buys Charlie Harper's beach house and lets Alan and Jake live with him.

As people are sure to have lots to say about the retooled show, we have opened this comment thread for you to discuss tonight's episode. Your comments will typically get posted right to the site, but bad language might get your comment stuck in our moderation queue. We will try moderate any comments quickly, but we may not be able to approve all comments. If you haven't yet seen the episode, you may wish to avoid any spoilers that may be left in people's comments.

Posted on September 19th 2011 17:20 in Show.

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Andre South Africa, 20:28 10th Aug 2012.
when does season 9 start in south Africa?
Les United States, 21:45 12th Oct 2011.
I majored in engineering took the basic business courses as part of my degree. If it was my call... OK Chuck Charlie goes... but if the show flops YOUR FIRED. Casting Ashton as a moron worked on the 70's show it will NOT work on this show. HELLO CHUCK.... CHARLIE IS NOT THE LOSER... YOU ARE!
|Sandra Mercier Canada, 18:36 12th Oct 2011.
I truly do not find Ashton humorous at all. What a shame for that show. Further, why is it that Ashton's wife was once a lover of Charlie as well as Ashton's new lover (caught the end last night) who was also a lover of Charlie's. Rather incestuous show LOL
vanessa New Zealand, 02:25 9th Oct 2011.
when does the 9th season start in new zealand?
martin United Kingdom, 13:35 8th Oct 2011.
i am a massive fan of the show but when it was charlie he made the show and even thinkin bout replacing him was a bad idea u should of just ended it i used to look forward to it all the time now i dont bother i do like ashton kucher always have but no one will ever replace charlie the show has gone down hill sorry but i wont be watchin it again and ashton wants to quit aswell charlies shoes are too big for him to fill in sorry
michael United States, 01:25 8th Oct 2011.
the new show is so bad took it off dvr what a shame was the one show I looked forward to each week.
lunga South Africa, 08:07 7th Oct 2011.
I used to be a big fan of 2.5 men, I hate the show now!!!
Anne Canada, 03:44 5th Oct 2011.
I am finished with the new show, Kutcher is no Charlie and the second new show with the REestaurant scene qwas awful!
grace Canada, 23:29 4th Oct 2011.
Horrible. Cringing not laughing through all 3 episodes hoping each would get better. They didnt and I am done watching this show.
Marianne Canada, 10:02 1st Oct 2011.
Why you picked Ashton for this series is beyond me. Couldn't you have picked a better perhaps older actor? At least if we have to watch him, please spring for a hair cut and a shave and maybe just maybe, he might be believeable at being wealthy but frankly the show sucks. What a shame..

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