Ashton Kutcher's role revealed

Ashton Kutcher's role revealed

Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment, yesterday revealed more detail about Ashton Kutcher's role on Two and a Half Men. Answering questions at the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, Tassler said Kutcher will play Walden Schmidt, an Internet billionaire with a broken heart.

Ashton Kutcher is set to replace Charlie Sheen on the long running show following Sheen's dismissal for drug and alcohol problems. Men, which is entering its ninth season, was consistently rated the number one sitcom on US TV during Sheen's years.

Tassler would not comment on how Charlie Sheen's character, Charlie Harper, will be written out of the series. She would also not confirm reports that the first episode of the season will feature a funeral for Charlie Harper, although she did confirm the first episode will be a two-parter airing across two weeks. Two and a Half Men returns for its ninth season on Monday, September 19th, at 9/8c on CBS.

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DeeDeeO United States, 22:01 5th Sep 2011.
The show was basically based on two people, Charlie and Alan -- like The Odd Couple. You can't just take like Oscar out of the mix, replace him with "Gus," and expect Felix and a new roommate without Oscar's personality to actually be a winning combination. Look, the show's BASIS was two characters -- one carefree, one uptight -- and the problems that causes. Just like THE ODD COUPLE. It's just NOT gonna work with only Felix without an Oscar to play off of. Sorry, it's not gonna work. Lorre should have buried it with a proper funeral and the respect it deserved as the top-rated sitcom that it WAS.
STS United States, 20:11 4th Sep 2011.
Kutcher should have come on as Charlie's and Alan's half brother who just found out (from his recently deceased mother) that he had relatives. That would make Alan & Jake's living with him more plausible and provide more info about what happened to their father.
James Canada, 22:06 25th Aug 2011.
Sad to see flogging a dead horse. Charlie Sheen made this show. This is an epic failure and Charlie will laugh the last laugh.
Dimitris Greece, 21:44 17th Aug 2011.
We want Charlie back
larry pappas United States, 10:43 14th Aug 2011.
Bring back Charlie. With out him the show will fail.
Willow Canada, 17:14 12th Aug 2011.
Charlie Sheen is this show!!! Ashton Kutcher is the exact opposite of Chalie Sheen!!! WHile Charlie gets lots of young hot a$$ Ashston is snuggled up at night with his 60yr old nasty wife. How is he going to play a one will believe that?? End the show or get Sheen back!!!
George Romania, 15:16 10th Aug 2011.
Charlie was Two and a half men. With Ashton probably only one season, then it will turn into a simple serial.
SilviaArgie Argentina, 19:07 9th Aug 2011.
Sorry about hearing of a funeral for Charlie.I hoped he would return one day.I will wait for the show and then I will tell you what I think but I am afraid Charlie's role was UNIQUE.
fan Canada, 17:19 9th Aug 2011.
the show was writen for & prime character is Charlie Sheen the new season should be renamed because it is not 2-1/2 men anymore
jesseca tsosie United States, 14:00 9th Aug 2011.
i love lamp

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