CBS Announces Fall Premiere Dates

CBS Announces Fall Premiere Dates

CBS has today announced their season premiere dates for the 2011/12 season. Two and a Half Men will return for its ninth season, with new lead star Ashton Kutcher, at 9/8c on Monday, September 19th. The show will be preceded by back-to-back episodes of How I Met Your Mother. At 9:30 following Men for premiere week only is the series debut of 2 Broke Girls, which will then move to the 8:30 slot between Mother and Men. Mike and Molly, a sitcom from Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, returns to the 9:30 slot after Men on September 26 with its second season premiere. Rounding out the evening at 10/9c is Hawaii Five-0.

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Limey United States, 01:48 30th Sep 2011.
I liked Ashton Kutcher in that 70's show, but, with that stringy unstylish hair, it just doe not fit the charactr he is to play - I won't watch it - not hate for the new kid - for Ashton - shave, shampoo, haircut!!!
Karen United States, 20:45 21st Sep 2011.
Ashton's a great actor but lose the long,stringy,greasy hair...distraction. At least cut about 4"of length off.
jacquie Canada, 18:40 18th Sep 2011.
it's not about being a great actor its about chemestry, and also some people can not be replaced. Its like trying to replace Sam on "Cheers" or "Hawkeye Pierce on "Mash". I hope it works for them but I don't think it will. In my opinion they should have just cancelled it.
gerry 68 Canada, 22:59 11th Sep 2011.
you would be a whorring drugging bastard if you were him to i think he is awsome and had a good run while it lasted good for him
Linda United States, 09:15 9th Sep 2011.
It was!!! a great show but Charlie Sheen RUINED it by whoring, drugging and being a disrespecful ass! Good Luck Ashton, you are a shoe in for success Jon and Angus RULE too
fred United States, 00:38 5th Sep 2011.
sad. it's over. Kutcher is going to destroy a good show. sad to see it end.
Naomie United States, 20:40 1st Sep 2011.
I cant wait for the new season to start. Everyones just got to have an open mind. I mean come on, they are all great actors!!!
capnjack United States, 17:13 30th Aug 2011.
Ashton Kutcher is perfect for just about any role, especially comedy. Bully for CBS.
pegregaL United States, 01:03 12th Aug 2011.
i can'twaittosee the newshow.we still have jon cryer and Angus who carried the show many times.
Dani United States, 17:01 31st Jul 2011.
I have read that Ashton will be "buying" Charlies Malibu beach home (rumored online) after Charlie's character dies. Jon Cryer's roll will be beefed up. We'll see how this goes. It is hard to imagine this show w/o Sheen. What made it so funny was his middle-aged what? I guess we'll see on Sept 19.

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