Sheen and Warner Bros. 'will make a deal'

Sheen and Warner Bros. 'will make a deal'

Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. are engaged in a game of brinkmanship regarding Sheen's expiring contract, according to the celebrity gossip site TMZ.

TMZ cites sources connected with Two and a Half Men who don't believe Charlie Sheen is looking to leave the show. The TMZ sources suggest this is a tactic in contract negotiations.

TMZ believe Charlie Sheen currently earns around $850,000 per episode of Two and a Half Men, but is looking to increase that to $1.5m. Warner Bros. are reportedly offering $1m per episode.

Posted on April 2nd 2010 00:51 in Show.

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****** Ireland, 16:56 1st Jul 2010.
I think that charlie should stick at the show for way longer. The show wouldn't be the same without him in it
ryanReid Canada, 15:54 5th May 2010.
Charlie Sheen should know that if he quits the show, his career is over
Michael F. United States, 08:02 1st May 2010.
So Sheen is demanding a salary raise to 1M an episode. Yeah $850,000 an episode salary just isn't cutting it, I guess. Times are tough. With the recession and all. I totally sympathize with Charlie. Since I lost my $31,000/year job in December, unemployment is about $300 a week. So it must be diffcult for him to live on so little.
Administrator, 18:55 30th Apr 2010.
@BOB, we don't know yet. It's likely Warner Bros. and Charlie Sheen will reach an agreement, but it is possible they won't and he'll go. The show will probably end if he goes.
BOB Ireland, 18:50 30th Apr 2010.
Is charlie leaving the show
Sonjtaahm:! Germany, 11:44 4th Apr 2010.
When Charlie would leave Taahm it won`t be the same!!!

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