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Quotes from 818-jklpuzo


'818-jklpuzo' - Season 7, Episode 1

Charlie must decide between his fiancée, Chelsea, and his old flame, Mia.

Air Date: September 21st 2009.

Charlie: I'm thinking it's psychosomatic because I've tried coffee, fibre, laxatives, and something my housekeeper said was a suppository, but I now suspect was a practical joke.

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Berta: So, how do you like having a new baby sister?
Jake: Well, she eats. She sleeps. She poops. So far, I'm not impressed.
Berta: Give her a bad haircut, and she'd be you.
Jake: Excuse me, but I paid nine bucks for this haircut!

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Jake: The baby doesn't look anything like me. In fact, she doesn't look like my mom or my step-dad, either.
Berta: Who does she look like?
Jake: More like a girl version of my dad.
Berta: I thought your dad was the girl version of your dad.

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