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Quotes from My Son's Enormous Head

My Son's Enormous Head

'My Son's Enormous Head' - Season 6, Episode 18

When Chelsea gets sick and Charlie has to take care of her, he must also fight the overwhelming urge to flee.

Air Date: March 16th 2009.

Alan: Where would you meet a nine-year-old girl?
Jake: We're in the same math class.
Alan: Is, uh, she one of those advanced students?
Jake: Sadly, no.

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Alan: You told Chelsea you loved her. You gave her an engagement ring. This is what it's all about—being there for her, no matter what: for richer or poorer, better or worse, in sickness and in health.
Charlie: Call me crazy, but I prefer richer, better, and health.

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Jake: Maybe she has an STD.
Charlie: What?
Jake: It means, "Sexually Transmitted Disease".
Charlie: I know what STDs are.
Alan: Your uncle helped to invent them.

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