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Quotes from The 'Ocu' Or The 'Pado'?

The 'Ocu' Or The 'Pado'?

'The 'Ocu' Or The 'Pado'?' - Season 6, Episode 17

Charlie tells Chelsea (guest star Jennifer Taylor) that he loves her, but doesn't get the response he expects.

Air Date: March 9th 2009.

Bobby: Is everything all right, Mr. Harper?
Charlie: Yeah, terrific. Listen, my date's in the ladies' room, and I need you to do something for me.
Bobby: Not a problem. I'll have the valet bring your car around to the alley, I'll open the men's restroom window so you can shimmy out, and I'll have a cab standing by to take the lady home along with the customary chocolate soufflé to go.

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Chelsea: What the hell did I just swallow?
Charlie: A one-bedroom condo.
Chelsea: What?
Charlie: I put a diamond ring in your champagne glass!
Chelsea: Why?
Charlie: What do you mean, "why?" I was gonna propose and I had no idea you'd chug it like a Jell-O shot!
Chelsea: That was a ring I just swallowed?!
Charlie: Hey, who drinks champagne like that?
Chelsea: I was thirsty! Stop yelling at me!
Charlie: How in God's name could you swallow it so easily?!
Chelsea: Hey, that's one of the things you love about me!

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Charlie: Hey, Berta, where do we keep the spaghetti strainer thingy?
Berta: It's called a colander. What do you need it for?
Charlie: It's not for me. It's for Chelsea.
Berta: OK, what kind of Martha Stewart freak show you got going on up there?

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