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Quotes from She'll Still Be Dead At Halftime

She'll Still Be Dead At Halftime

'She'll Still Be Dead At Halftime' - Season 6, Episode 16

Charlie has to remove a half-naked woman from his bedroom before Chelsea arrives.

Air Date: March 2nd 2009.

Charlie: Hey, hey, it's got nothing to do with jealousy. I just know, based on a lifetime of experience, that penises do not observe a traditional mourning period.

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Charlie: So what's it gonna be? A movie, bowling, putt-putt, Nevada cathouse?
Jake: I vote for cathouse.
Alan: Do you even know what a cathouse is?
Jake: Not firsthand. That's why I voted for it!
Alan: A movie would be fine.
Charlie: All right. A movie it is. What's out that's good?
Jake: There's a new pirate movie. It's rated "Arr!" [Alan and Charlie stare at him] You guys have no sense of humor.

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Charlie: Hey, Jake...
Jake: You might wanna hang back a sec. I just ripped off an air biscuit.
Chelsea: What?
Jake: I farted. Sorry, I get the fancy words from my dad.

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