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Quotes from I'd Like to Start With the Cat

I'd Like to Start With the Cat

'I'd Like to Start With the Cat' - Season 6, Episode 15

Charlie finds himself in couples counseling.

Air Date: February 9th 2009.

Alan: Wanna know her [Chelsea's] cat's name?
Charlie: No.
Alan: It's "Mandu".
Charlie: Mandu?
Alan: Yeah, you know, "Cat Mandu"? It's cute, huh?
Charlie: Why was I thinking "Puss-Puss"?
Alan: Because that's what you're always thinking.

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Jake: No cookies? What the hell is going on around here?!
Alan: Hey, watch your mouth!
Jake: I am watching it. It's empty. I need dessert!

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Dr. Freeman: You have a choice here: You can dig down and confront your feelings so they won't be controlling your behavior, or you can keep eating pudding and cookies until you have more chins than a Chinese phone book.

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Charlie: And how's your family back in... Davenport, Iowa?
Chelsea: I'm from Champaign, Illinois.
Charlie: You sure?
Chelsea: I'm sure.
Charlie: Bastard set me up!

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