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Quotes from It's Always Nazi Week

It's Always Nazi Week

'It's Always Nazi Week' - Season 6, Episode 6

When Judith kicks Herb to the curb, Alan comes knocking.

Air Date: November 2nd 2008.

Jake: You may think I'm dumb, but you overestimate me.

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Judith: How did I blow another marriage?
Alan: Oh, Sweetie, you can't blame yourself, although you are the common denominator

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Berta: It's none of my business, but that's one kid who can't afford to miss a day of school.
Charlie: Yeah, like school's gonna make a difference.
(staple gun is heard)
Jake: Oh, crap, I stapled my fingers together!
Berta: You got a point.

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Charlie: I'm an artist; I paint with words.
Alan: You're a lush; you paint with vomit.

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