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Quotes from Waiting for the Right Snapper

Waiting for the Right Snapper

'Waiting for the Right Snapper' - Season 5, Episode 19

When Charlie meets the fiancée of Angie's grown-up son, he realizes it's not for the first time. Alan tries to get Jake to study for his algebra final.

Air Date: May 18th 2008.

Charlie: So what do I owe you?
Dr. Freeman: Well, I get $200 an hour, you were here for 5 minutes, so why don't we just round it off and say $200?
Charlie: Man, even hookers prorate.

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Dr. Freeman: This woman you're seeing is a mother figure.
Charlie: "A mother figure?" I said she's warm, nurturing and supportive. The words, "toxic she-devil," did not pass my lips.

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Evelyn: We're at the same theater. What a happy coincidence.
Charlie: Yeah, just like Booth and Lincoln.

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