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Quotes from Media Room Slash Dungeon

Media Room Slash Dungeon

'Media Room Slash Dungeon' - Season 5, Episode 2

Charlie acts strange after spending an evening with his mother, and a woman Alan slept with behaves oddly the next morning.

Air Date: September 30th 2007.

Evelyn: They say that he killed a famous writer just to prove a point.
Charlie: Ooohh. And what was the point?
Evelyn: ...I can kill a writer.

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Evelyn: That is the king of vaginal rejuvenation surgery. But interestingly, he's never used one himself, rejuvenated or otherwise.
Charlie: Wouldn't that make him the queen of vaginal surgery?

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Alan: You know what they say about nice guys?
Sharon: Yes, they finish last.
Alan: No, they finish in the shower.

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Sharon: The thought of you on top of me will haunt me for the rest of my life.
Alan: Do you want to be on top? Cause if you give me a half an hour and a glass of juice and we can try that.

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Charlie: (About Evelyn) She can be a cranky drunk.
Alan: Cranky? I got bitch-slapped with my own 10-gallon hat.

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