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Quotes from Prostitutes and Gelato

 Prostitutes and Gelato

' Prostitutes and Gelato' - Season 4, Episode 24

Evelyn gets a new boyfriend, Teddy, who bonds with Alan and Charlie by taking them to Las Vegas. The boys confront their feelings about their mother dating and men coming in and out of their lives.

Air Date: May 13th 2007.

Alan: Where are we going?
Charlie: We are going to talk some sense into our mother.
Alan: Really? It's hard to imagine that turning out well.

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Charlie: I don't understand, how could mom say "no" to him?
Alan: He was perfect for her.
Charlie: Forget her, he was perfect for us.

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Alan: Can I go sit in the limo?
Teddy: Knock yourself out. There's sushi.
Alan: Sushi in a car? Oh, boy!

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