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Quotes from Smooth as a Ken Doll

Smooth as a Ken Doll

'Smooth as a Ken Doll' - Season 4, Episode 19

Alan is overjoyed at the prospect of giving Judith her last alimony check. Charlie decides to go along for the ride and meets Herb's sister Myra. Charlie and Myra bond over a common problem, their dislike for Judith.

Air Date: April 8th 2007.

Berta: You know your problem? Phone cojones! When you're on the phone with her, you've got boulders between your legs. The minute you hang up, you're as smooth as a Ken doll.

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Charlie: What are you talking about? This is just an alimony check.
Alan: Not an alimony check, this is my final alimony check... isn't it beautiful?

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