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Quotes from Castrating Sheep in Montana

Castrating Sheep in Montana

'Castrating Sheep in Montana' - Season 4, Episode 12

Berta discovers that Alan has been dating her daughter Naomi.

Air Date: January 7th 2007.

Charlie: Berta's in my bed.
Alan: Really? Couldn't you just pay her in cash this week?

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Jake: Can I get my ear pierced?
Alan: No.
Jake: Why not?
Charlie: You can't keep the holes you have clean.

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Berta: I made all your favorites: scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, rye toast - no butter, decaf coffee.
Alan: Well, thank you.
Berta: You eat like a 90-year-old man with stomach cancer, but I don't judge.

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Evelyn: Oh wonderful, we're going to be on an episode of Cops.

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