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Quotes from Something Salted and Twisted

Something Salted and Twisted

'Something Salted and Twisted' - Season 3, Episode 10

Charlie helps Alan with his obsession of always having to get approval from the women in his life.

Air Date: November 27th 2005.

Charlie: So what else did we learn tonight?
Alan: Well, let-let's see. I learned that, that to overcome my fear of rejection ingrained in me by an emotionally distant mother, I need to completely disable my central nervous system with semi-lethal quantities of alcohol.

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Evelyn: Attaboy!
Charlie: Do you feel better?
Alan: No, I don't feel better.
Evelyn: Did I say it wrong?

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Charlie: We all want the shining red apple, but sometimes we got to settle for what's on the lower branch, or in some cases we take what's lying on the ground.

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