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Quotes from Zejdz Zmoich Wlosow

Zejdz Zmoich Wlosow

'Zejdz Zmoich Wlosow' - Season 2, Episode 13

Alan invites Judith to stay at Charlie's place after an earthquake, but soon feels jealous when she has a date and begs Charlie to find him one, too.

Air Date: January 16th 2005.

Berta: (Referring to Judith) What are you, a farm animal?
Charlie: What?
Berta: That is your brother's ex-wife out there.
Charlie: I know who she is. Oh, no, no. She's just staying here because of the earthquake. I'm not. I would never. I couldn't. (Charlie takes a peep at Judith on his deck in her bikini) Okay, maybe I could, but I'm not.
Berta: Yeah, that's what I used to say about my stepbrother, Cousin Dewey.

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Alan: Apparently, the earthquake hit Sherman Oaks a lot harder than Malibu.
Charlie: What earthquake?
Alan: What earthquake? About an hour ago. You didn't feel the house shaking?
Charlie: Oh...
Alan: Unbelievable, you actually though that was you?
Charlie: No, I thought it was her, you know, because of me. The good news is, unless they report it on Polish TV I still get the credit.

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