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Quotes from A Bag Full of Jawea

A Bag Full of Jawea

'A Bag Full of Jawea' - Season 2, Episode 3

Charlie tries to save Jake from school suspension for giving his teacher the finger by romancing her, but his attempts fail every time.

Air Date: October 3rd 2004.

Miss Pasternak: Jake, I'm only your teacher from 8:15 to three o'clock. After that I'm just a person like anybody else.
Jake: (to Charlie) This is more wrong than the time I saw Santa peeing at the mall.

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Judith: Hold on, what is he doing here? (pointing at Charlie)
Alan: Well, my car's in the shop, and Charlie was nice enough to give me a ride.
Charlie: No, Charlie was nice enough to call you a cab, but you wouldn't take it.

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Charlie: I slept with Jake's teacher.
Berta: Oh Charlie, Did you learn nothing from the den mother fiasco?

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Jake: Uncle Charlie, I had a bad dream. *Sees Ms Pasternak* And it's just gotten weirder.
Charlie: Jake, why aren't you in bed?
Jake: I'm hoping I am.

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