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Quotes from Alan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor

Alan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor

'Alan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor' - Season 1, Episode 11

While at the movies, the brothers bump into Judith and her new boyfriend. Seeing that Judith has changed her look, and the fact that Jake doesn't think he's as cool as Judith, prompts Alan to realize that if he wants to get back into the dating scene, he's going to have to change his look as well.

Air Date: December 14th 2003.

Charlie: How's it going in there?
Alan: Whatever happened to zippers? I miss zippers.
Charlie: I don't know, Alan, maybe there were too many injuries. Nobody ever got their balls caught in a buttonhole.

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Jake: I'll go get on my stupid coat and get in the stupid car to go stupid clothes shopping.
Charlie: Hey, don't talk to your stupid father like that.

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