Is the show running out of steam?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes (5,244 votes /63.9%)
  • No (2,961 votes /36.1%)
  • 8,205 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
No US Ozark, US 01:55 14th Oct 2017
No GB GB 07:12 3rd Oct 2017
No US Las Vegas, US 00:07 22nd Jun 2017
Yes US Philadelphia, US 14:54 13th Jun 2017
No US Baltimore, US 21:43 27th May 2017


mr mean Australia, 07:43 23rd Jul 2011.
get rid of sheen, then i rid myself of watching
Jim Hensel United States, 12:37 26th Apr 2011.
This show is one of the all time greatest.
JeryR United States, 09:34 26th Feb 2011.
get rid of sheen and I'll start watching it again, he's way too too arrogant for me to enjoy the show.
Jay Jay Canada, 08:57 22nd Jan 2011.
No it's not but I think we would like to more of Judith and the baby and figure out if its Alan's or not.

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