When should the show end?

  • After this season
  • After next season
  • In 3 years
  • In 4 years
  • In 5 years
  • Never!
  • After this season (8,635 votes /59.4%)
  • After next season (445 votes /3.1%)
  • In 3 years (337 votes /2.3%)
  • In 4 years (98 votes /0.7%)
  • In 5 years (267 votes /1.8%)
  • Never! (4,761 votes /32.7%)
  • 14,543 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Never! GB GB 18:39 20th Oct 2017
After this season DE Stuttgart, DE 18:33 15th Oct 2017
Never! US Ozark, US 01:55 14th Oct 2017
Never! GB London, GB 12:15 8th Oct 2017
Never! IN IN 05:21 8th Oct 2017


Bharath Hong Kong, 16:00 29th Oct 2012.
With Charlie back in the show it will be rocking
John  United States, 07:21 9th Oct 2012.
Without Charlie, This show sucks stoped watching it !!!!!! What ever it takes....GET CHARLIE BACK !!!!!!
Nilan Hong Kong, 09:01 20th Jun 2012.
Without Charlie the show sucks, Ashton and his character are awful.. Get Charlie back or end the show
Rayford United States, 17:53 13th May 2012.
without Charlie, Two and a Half Men's success will be flushed down the drain
andrea United States, 15:53 10th Apr 2012.
why is it, when there is no hope for a horse, they shoot it? please put this one out of its misery.
Meika Australia, 03:03 5th Apr 2012.
The show is pratically ended for me now. There is no point in the show continuing if it sucks!
LOL United States, 13:59 20th Mar 2012.
How did they get almost 4k people to vote for the show never to end? That is more than twice as many people put together who voted for the show to end at some point.
James South Africa, 11:49 19th Mar 2012.
The Show is hitting an all time low, Vulgar is not funny!! it's just vulgar
Vladimir Belgium, 20:32 18th Jan 2012.
it was my favorite show, but I without Charlie it's just sucks. I gave it a try but can't watch it anymore
Daniel Germany, 14:58 10th Jan 2012.
@ Pam yea you are right Charlie must came back !!!! Ashton is bad

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