When should the show end?

  • After this season
  • After next season
  • In 3 years
  • In 4 years
  • In 5 years
  • Never!
  • After this season (8,614 votes /59.5%)
  • After next season (443 votes /3.1%)
  • In 3 years (337 votes /2.3%)
  • In 4 years (98 votes /0.7%)
  • In 5 years (265 votes /1.8%)
  • Never! (4,719 votes /32.6%)
  • 14,476 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Never! IE IE 08:30 13th Apr 2015
Never! IN Mumbai, IN 02:54 13th Apr 2015
After this season AR Avellaneda, AR 17:40 12th Apr 2015
After this season SE Halmstad, SE 18:40 7th Apr 2015
After this season CO Bucaramanga, CO 23:29 4th Apr 2015

Comments (31)

AB Nair India, 14:51 27th Jan 2015.
Have at least one season with charlie back.
dk India, 04:36 31st Jul 2014.
If it was charlie, I'd have voted never
LarryK United States, 13:46 14th Mar 2014.
It should end with a big party at "Charlie's" house and all living cast members are there. Show ends with a ring of the doorbell and when the door opens, there is Charlie looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Rose, standing on the deck, meets Charlie's eyes and says , Gotta go!" and jumps over the railing. Fade to black! The End!
carol johnson United States, 23:10 30th Jan 2014.
it hasnt been all that funny for a long time time for it to die house should be in flames with no one comes out alive
Rob United Kingdom, 01:27 14th Nov 2013.
You have got rid of all the best people and Ashton is painful to watch. Please put the show out of its misery.
half men India, 11:12 2nd May 2013.
charlie = two and a half men.....:((
nikos Greece, 17:36 21st Apr 2013.
there are not fresh ideas about the episodes. that's the problem
irving United States, 17:57 13th Dec 2012.
you really lost it when you lost charlie
Rina South Africa, 14:52 19th Nov 2012.
To watch it without Charlie is torture. No longer watching.
Bharath Hong Kong, 16:00 29th Oct 2012.
With Charlie back in the show it will be rocking

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