When should the show end?

  • After this season
  • After next season
  • In 3 years
  • In 4 years
  • In 5 years
  • Never!
  • After this season (8,330 votes /58.9%)
  • After next season (441 votes /3.1%)
  • In 3 years (336 votes /2.4%)
  • In 4 years (98 votes /0.7%)
  • In 5 years (262 votes /1.9%)
  • Never! (4,678 votes /33.1%)
  • 14,145 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
After this season HK Central District, HK 12 hours ago
After this season HK Central District, HK 13 hours ago
After this season HK Central District, HK 16 hours ago
After this season HK Central District, HK 16 hours ago
After this season HK Central District, HK 17 hours ago

Comments (30)

dk India, 04:36 31st Jul 2014.
If it was charlie, I'd have voted never
LarryK United States, 13:46 14th Mar 2014.
It should end with a big party at "Charlie's" house and all living cast members are there. Show ends with a ring of the doorbell and when the door opens, there is Charlie looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Rose, standing on the deck, meets Charlie's eyes and says , Gotta go!" and jumps over the railing. Fade to black! The End!
carol johnson United States, 23:10 30th Jan 2014.
it hasnt been all that funny for a long time time for it to die house should be in flames with no one comes out alive
Rob United Kingdom, 01:27 14th Nov 2013.
You have got rid of all the best people and Ashton is painful to watch. Please put the show out of its misery.
half men India, 11:12 2nd May 2013.
charlie = two and a half men.....:((
nikos Greece, 17:36 21st Apr 2013.
there are not fresh ideas about the episodes. that's the problem
irving United States, 17:57 13th Dec 2012.
you really lost it when you lost charlie
Rina South Africa, 14:52 19th Nov 2012.
To watch it without Charlie is torture. No longer watching.
Bharath Hong Kong, 16:00 29th Oct 2012.
With Charlie back in the show it will be rocking
John  United States, 07:21 9th Oct 2012.
Without Charlie, This show sucks stoped watching it !!!!!! What ever it takes....GET CHARLIE BACK !!!!!!

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