Have you bought the show on DVD?

  • Yes, all seasons
  • Yes, some of the seasons
  • Yes, one season
  • No
  • Yes, all seasons (1,335 votes /40.1%)
  • Yes, some of the seasons (421 votes /12.6%)
  • Yes, one season (124 votes /3.7%)
  • No (1,451 votes /43.6%)
  • 3,331 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Yes, some of the seasons DE Merdingen, DE 13:19 7th Apr 2017
Yes, some of the seasons ZA Pretoria, ZA 13:48 23rd Mar 2017
Yes, some of the seasons BR BR 15:51 6th Mar 2017
Yes, some of the seasons IN Kanpur, IN 11:49 7th Feb 2017
No US Houston, US 19:35 20th Nov 2016

Comments (10)

metro Germany, 06:36 1st Sep 2013.
depressedcharliesheenfan Australia, 03:28 3rd Jul 2012.
I brought all the seasons with Charlie Sheen in them. I don't think i will buy the ones with Ashton, the show isn't really that good anymore. I want Charlie Sheen back! :(
Helen Canada, 03:04 12th May 2012.
Bought seasons 1 through 8 with Charlie; Not at all interested in Season 9 (garbage television)
Melli Germany, 17:18 14th Mar 2012.
i will never buy a season with ashton, charlie should come back
Patricia United States, 19:29 24th Jan 2012.
I just started watching it again because they put Ashton to replace Charlie. Great change!
kyle United Kingdom, 11:24 15th Jan 2012.
completely agree with evrybody without charlie the show is nothing
Daniel Germany, 15:04 10th Jan 2012.
I have all seasons but i dont bought the seasons with Aston !!!!!! only with Charlie Sheen !!!
kayleigh United Kingdom, 11:13 1st Jan 2012.
I absolutely love the show with Charlie and haven't yet watched any of the season 9 but I'm sure Ashton os trying his best to keep the spirit alive. :)
disappointedexviewer Canada, 00:29 27th Sep 2011.
Bought seasons 1 through 8 will not buy anymore without Charlie this show is now considered cancelled
mr mean Australia, 07:47 23rd Jul 2011.
just finished watching all the dvd's i bought from season 1-8, for god sake bring back charlie...new spin off will be rubbish

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