Has the show 'jumped the shark'?

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  • Jumped the what?
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  • Jumped the what? (2,135 votes /30.2%)
  • 7,059 votes

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Yes GB Newton Abbot, GB 13:05 16th Nov 2017
Jumped the what? GB Swindon, GB 15:33 28th Oct 2017
Jumped the what? US Wilmington, US 17:09 17th Oct 2017
Yes GB Hemel Hempstead, GB 16:28 13th Oct 2017
Jumped the what? IN IN 05:20 8th Oct 2017

Comments (65)

danny United States, 00:27 6th Sep 2016.
It definetly jumped the shark in season 6. the charlie/chelsea realtionship was chessy as hell. the plots were getting very stupid alan started acting creepy and perverted, jake was getting older and became a complete idiot and his screen time was getting shorter. this show was already starting to show its age by season 7.
John shagar sags Australia, 07:55 15th Aug 2016.
Trouble down under, all our local tv series jump the shark every episode. This was the one shinning light of tv we had. GONE!>
Grand King United Kingdom, 11:51 14th Mar 2016.
I think the moment it really jumped the shark for me was actually after Walden appeared - but not long after: Walden crashing his car into the house through the window. Wow! Gosh, we're gonna have a lot of fun with this guy!! I don't think I've seen an episode since : /
cowboy United States, 01:34 12th Nov 2015.
Yea this show pretty much died when Jake hit puberty. I thought this show was gonna end in season 7 with charlie marrying Chelsea and Alan moving out. But Chelsea and Charlie inevitably broke up and really the show should have ended right there. When the kept it going I thought this show was just over staying it's welcome at that point. For people who are new to this show the episodes b4 Jake hit puberty are the best. This show is no masterpiece and never was it offers entertainment and that's all its good for.
Rusty United States, 00:07 6th Oct 2015.
This show jumped the shark 3 times 1. When Rose stopped appearing as often 2. When Jake became a teenager 3. When Charlie got engaged to Chelsea. When Ashton came along that was pretty much the nails on the coffin for this show.
simon United States, 02:51 4th Aug 2015.
This show went downhill in the season 7 when charlie started looking high on set, he looked horrible in season 8 his speech was slured and it looked like he had trouble keeping his head up. I'd say season 1-6 were the best seasons.
Louis United States, 00:20 5th Feb 2015.
A long lost daughter, and ex wife, an English girlfriend, a tech company girlfriend....crap!! every episode a new secondary character that doesn't work. Why is Alan a gay idiot now? Lazy writing. This show is worthless since Charlie left
John R. United States, 16:39 24th Jan 2015.
It started the shark jump with Chelsea moving in with her cat. Killed a lot of the main story line. Then the plots became worse, Jake got bigger, and the show lost it's original concept. This started to complete the jump. It finished with the ridiculous last year that Charlie was on and puruing Rose who was married to a store front dummy. Jump just about completed except they chose to continue with that JO Kutcher. Jump completed. Even when Charlie was there it's difficult to run a show that many years. Stop at 5 years and you've kept it fresh and away from the Sharks!
James Canada, 02:25 18th Jan 2015.
Season 6 when Chelsea appeared on the scene. Charlie's care-free bachelor days were over and the kid was just getting older and more and more obnoxious.
Ken United States, 10:54 2nd Dec 2014.
The show has jumped the shark hard!!!!! It is absolutely unwatchable. They are married now? All kinds of gay innuendos? There's is no way that this show has the same audience it did when Charlie was around. I'm done with this garbage.

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