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Good IN Jaipur, IN 10:42 8th Nov 2017
Very Bad US Grand Rapids, US 13:13 3rd Nov 2017
Bad DE Stuttgart, DE 18:34 15th Oct 2017
Good LV Valmiera, LV 18:27 24th Sep 2017
Very Bad US Bethalto, US 10:49 4th Aug 2017

Comments (13)

JingleBalls Canada, 21:49 9th Mar 2015.
The last episode will go down in TV series history as the sillies, stupidest, unimaginative show EVER! Way to go chuckie. You had to win? But you really lost in the end. Long live the man who took the road not taken. The first 8 years will be missed, but remembered!
MATT Greece, 10:10 2nd Mar 2015.
Lorrie is not only egomaniac, --but not BRAVE at all.
stavros Greece, 15:06 28th Feb 2015.
Looking forward the next season with the hall crew and new ideas.
not zippy United States, 02:36 24th Feb 2015.
Fair to say both Sheen and Lorre last with Sheen's firing 4 seasons again, but Lorre showed he is the continuing loser by this egomaniac-driven revenge finale episode. He last a lot of fans for his other shows and a lot of respect.
andy Canada, 12:00 21st Feb 2015.
The cartoons were So stupid really. They ruines show. Director should learn from Vince mcman. He hated hart and hogan but brought then back because thats what fans wanted. He didnt use his power for his benefit. He should Never work in This industry again. Show really stank
WTF United States, 09:31 21st Feb 2015.
Chuck Lorre is probably too stupid to realize how weak he looks by still trying to profit off of Charlie sheen. He slapped every fan in the face to get back at Charlie who is still making him money. He is nobody without Sheen. The last two seasons proved that his writing is not funny at all without Charlie making it work. It's so stupid that the actors are staring into the camera and talking about the real life show in the script. What a stupid man. Thanks for ruining the show Chuck. Real mature.
United States, 09:19 21st Feb 2015.
What a horrible ending. The first 8 seasons were amazing. The last two were really bad with Walden. HORRIBLE horrible finale. Waste of my time.
Lori United States, 22:20 20th Feb 2015.
That was a petty and mean spirited finale. It was a slap in the face to fans and tarnished the series for me.
rf United States, 20:25 20th Feb 2015.
needed Charlie for last show. watched the whole thing a wasted hour of my life. hasn't been funny since Charlie left. should have went out better just .
charlie India, 16:19 20th Feb 2015.
I grew up watching two and a half men....and never thought it wud end...bud sadly it did that too in a painful way...really wished tht Charlie wud have made an appearance even if it wud be for a second...wished chuck lorre wud have chosen another marvelous and out of the way unexpected turn in his life by sorting things out with Charlie...and not only give him a cameo...but also put him on a new show with jon crier (the harpers)...tht wud have given a whole new meaning to everything.....alas...gubye two and a half men...I became a man from a small boy..watching 2and a half men...undoubtedly the best tv show in my life...hats off to everyone..Charlie..alan..berta..jake..rose..evelyn...and all the other people wo hv really given their best to create the show...and alsonot a big thanks but a small token of appreciation to walden for at least keeping te show going with ur lame jokes!!1..ahah

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