Do you think Charlie Sheen will appear in the finale?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes (42 votes /42%)
  • No (58 votes /58%)
  • 100 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
No ZA Pretoria, ZA 18 hours ago
No IN Kanpur, IN 11:48 7th Feb 2017
No GB Bangor, GB 11:34 24th Jan 2017
Yes BR Coronel Fabriciano, BR 17:57 18th Jan 2017
No ES Barcelona, ES 16:16 1st Jan 2017

Comments (2)

Stuart from Houston United States, 19:38 20th Nov 2016.
Charlie and Alan were a great combination. Ashton has been a reach. The series died when Charlie left as it did represent his life (not much acting nor script required) as we now see in full view.
Anton United Kingdom, 19:44 19th Feb 2015.
Why not.....Looking forward to it. Hertz form Holland

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