Will you watch the show with Ashton Kutcher?

  • Yes, absolutely
  • I'll give it a try
  • No
  • Yes, absolutely (1,044 votes /14.5%)
  • I'll give it a try (824 votes /11.4%)
  • No (5,348 votes /74.1%)
  • 7,216 votes

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Vote Location Time
Yes, absolutely IN Jaipur, IN 10:49 8th Nov 2017
No US Spring Hill, US 07:15 26th Oct 2017
I'll give it a try US Ozark, US 02:04 14th Oct 2017
Yes, absolutely IR IR 09:49 5th Sep 2017
No US Chandler, US 21:37 5th Aug 2017


Kathy United States, 14:36 16th Nov 2011.
This show is awful! The plot sucks and the characters are living off Sheen's character whether he is there or not. What cheap comedy. Lorre needs to get Charlie back! I'm done watching this show.
Brent Canada, 17:27 8th Nov 2011.
Really disappointed in the design of Kutchers character. Seems to be the rebirth of Kelso. You can say he is an internet genius, but every line, facial gesture and expession is Kelso incarnate.
Ivan Costa Rica, 03:03 21st Oct 2011.
"Kelso" is the reason I stopped watching That 70's Show and after watching the burrito episode, you can kiss this fan goodbye.
Renee United States, 03:14 7th Oct 2011.
Ashton could not possibly fill Charlie"s shoes. The new show SUCKS. You might as well cancel the rest of the shows and pack it in. GET CHARLIE BACK OR ------ SHUT IT DOWN. ANOTHER LOYAL FAN BITES THE DUST IN DISGUST.
Tina Kenney United States, 02:18 7th Oct 2011.
Big fan of "2 and 1/2 men" with Charlie Sheen, not so much with Ashton- At first I refused to watch the new one, but I gave it a shot- Was not impressed -- at all. Watched second show -- even less impressed. The CHEMISTRY the original cast had together -- ITS GONE. The original cast are not that funny anymore -- Charlie is not there for the creative banter that took place. The new show got a chuckle or two out of me -- nothing compared to the rolling laughter I so enjoyed as I watched every episode -- I am extremely dissappointed with Charlie for being a screw-up -- but even more with the show producers. The show won't make it without him -- I gaurantee it--
Ryan Netherlands Antilles, 21:06 3rd Oct 2011.
The producer of the show needs to realize most of us are HUGE fan of the show because of what charlie had done for it....his sarcasm, his honesty, his mindstate....and HOW great of an actor he was for that particular road! Ashton is: childish, dumb, not funny and wont ever be able to make this show half of what it was when charlie was in it!!! to the producer: stop having such a big ego and put charlie back and make the fans happy, isnt that why u make a show???
Paul Barrows United States, 10:43 30th Sep 2011.
Was that The Seventies Show or what? No actor he that Kutcher fellow!!
marie  United States, 19:19 29th Sep 2011.
Will watch the new show ! NO,NO, not untill you bring back charlie ,Ashton needs to go to some KIDS SHOW. why because he cant act, and the kids will not even no, well I take that back I dont think a 4 year old would think hes funny. and thats pretty bad.. Bring back charlie before its to late...
disappointedexviewer Canada, 00:30 27th Sep 2011.
Watched the first 2 episodes with Ashton and will not watch again unless Charlie Sheen is brought back for good!
martha United States, 18:41 21st Sep 2011.
ok , i watched the new show,and have to say, IT was TERRIBLE, Charlie made the show, and Ashton just acts like a 4 year old.. Sorry ashton but you need to go back to acting school... Dont think anyone will watch untill you bring back charlie sheen.....

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