Which character would you want in an emergency?

  • Charlie
  • Alan
  • Jake
  • Evelyn
  • Berta
  • Judith
  • Chelsea
  • Charlie (2,003 votes /17.4%)
  • Alan (3,210 votes /27.9%)
  • Jake (395 votes /3.4%)
  • Evelyn (197 votes /1.7%)
  • Berta (658 votes /5.7%)
  • Judith (328 votes /2.9%)
  • Chelsea (4,703 votes /40.9%)
  • 11,494 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Chelsea HU Gyor, HU 09:12 5th Nov 2017
Chelsea US Grand Rapids, US 13:07 3rd Nov 2017
Chelsea US San Antonio, US 16:17 25th Oct 2017
Alan IN IN 09:02 16th Oct 2017
Charlie DE Stuttgart, DE 18:34 15th Oct 2017

Comments (6)

tom United Kingdom, 16:38 28th Sep 2014.
Charlie needs to come back so does jake but charlie was at the begining so it seems fair that charlies at the end and it would be great and charlie meeting jenny would be great to 99.7% of the fans will agree PLEASE for the love of everything. Everyone holds dear bring back the shows purpose hes asked nicely please please lpeaaaaassssseeeeee bring back charlie harper)
Fuad Rahman Bangladesh, 12:22 11th Nov 2013.
Need Charlie back!!or I'll strike at my home.
matt Greece, 17:25 13th Sep 2013.
Herb is areal funy gay
Daniel Germany, 15:01 10th Jan 2012.
@ disappointedexviewer yea Charlie is The King !!!!!
disappointedexviewer Canada, 00:26 27th Sep 2011.
Jennifer Canada, 01:33 22nd Jun 2011.
Charlie of course would be great in an emergency, OH1 BABY! what I would do to Him and have in My dreams, Yes! I'm still HOPELESSLY! and MADLY! in LOVE! with Him ever since I DEVELOPED! a HUGE! and MASSIVE! CRUSH! on Him in Platoon, hey! BABE! SEXY! THING! HOT! STUFF! I will always LOVE! YOU.... He also knows He will have a MAJOR! fan in Me, We are compatable I was THRILLED! when I heard that, Ashton replacing Charlie is insane, I'm tired of the media saying things about Charlie that are not true, I flipped when Brooke accused Him of domestic abuse yeah right His Kids mean everything to Him who is She to talk....

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