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9.18 - The War Against Gingivitis Aired February 27, 2012

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Things get tense in the Malibu house when Walden’s estranged ex-business partner shows up looking to bury the hatchet.

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Guest Stars: Judy Greer as Bridget, Patton Oswalt as Billy, Rebecca McFarland as Leanne

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Lee Aronsohn (Story), Eddie Gorodetsky (Teleplay), Jim Patterson (Teleplay), Don Reo (Teleplay)

Director: James Widdoes

Viewers: 11.92 million Households Rating: 8.4/12 Adults 18-49 Rating: 3.6/9

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Comments (4)

Tony Salameh Canada, 12:49 11th Jul 2012.
Its a good show love all the episode's
Mary United States, 22:10 14th Mar 2012.
Please bring Charlie Sheen back on... As a twin, separated at birth, or as a ghost, or like he had a "fake death" & now returned from the "witnesss protection" or other way possible to bring him back... The show is AWFUL with Ashton Kutcher...
ben United Kingdom, 17:21 28th Feb 2012.
worst episode this season, so boring
sissy United States, 11:57 28th Feb 2012.
Normally I watch two and a half men and enjoy the comedic and innuendo that gets thrown around but there was a comment made by Ashton Kutcher that made my blood boil. He referred to talking about his ex partner as comparable to mentioning rectal cancer. I found this offensive...mainly because there are many of us, including me, suffering from rectal cancer and it isn't something to joke about. I actually turned the tv off after that comment. I don't know who wrote that piece and thought it was funny but whoever needs to rethink comparing not speaking of an old friend to something that people actually go through hell with and not put it in the script.

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