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9.07 - Those Fancy Japanese Toilets Aired October 31, 2011

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Jake has a crush on his chemistry tutor, who has a crush on Walden. Meanwhile, Alan obsesses over the journal his brother left him in his will.

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Guest Stars: Macey Cruthird as Megan

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Lee Aronsohn (Story), Eddie Gorodetsky (Teleplay), Jim Patterson (Teleplay)

Director: James Widdoes

Viewers: 13.9 million Households Rating: 10.1/15 Adults 18-49 Rating: 4.7/12

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Comments (8)

penelopypitstop United Kingdom, 13:30 1st Dec 2011.
i love all the series,
Larry United States, 16:24 1st Nov 2011.
I love the show!!!!!!!!!!
Bridgette United States, 14:21 1st Nov 2011.
I thinl Ashton was great in this episode! The show was due for some change. Jon is great he is way more funnier than Charlie. I alway thought that Jon carried the show.
Linda United States, 18:03 28th Oct 2011.
Well I think they should ditch Ashton and put Charlie back on
Brian  Australia, 06:55 27th Oct 2011.
I agree Charles I think they should try something new that hasn't been done yet! but i still dont mind the show
Charles Van Meter United States, 22:01 26th Oct 2011.
Didn't they already do a series of episodes about Charlie and Jake's teacher? I know they are just recycling scripts already written before Sheen left the show, but write something new!
Grant United States, 22:18 13th Oct 2011.
Don't bother wasting your time, they all suck!!!!!! Chuck Lorre has no morals!!!!!!
Brian Australia, 22:00 13th Oct 2011.
I really want to see these episodes but i havent had the chance yet

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