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9.02 - People Who Love Peepholes Aired September 26, 2011

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Judy Greer is introduced as Bridget, Walden's ex-wife, on Part Two of the ninth season premiere.

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Guest Stars: Judy Greer as Bridget, Stephanie as Penelope

Writers: Chuck Lorre, Lee Aronsohn, Eddie Gorodetsky, Jim Patterson

Director: James Widdoes

Viewers: 20.03 million Households Rating: 12/17 Adults 18-49 Rating: 7.2/17

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Comments (18)

penelopypitstop United Kingdom, 13:45 1st Dec 2011.
charlie sheen has big boots to fill,or rather his ..... but dont forget all the actors are used to charlie,,,it must be hard for all the cast to get used to a new star in the show not only us the viewers give it a chance
Kelly jerrold United States, 20:36 21st Oct 2011.
Although I'm a fan of all the actors, Im NOT a fan of how the feel of the funny and pathetic tug of war going on through out the show. Like a recipe something is missing. Maybe Ashton should be more manly so she will want him back and he starts to agree with her that he wasn't grown up enough and decides to be on his own with out her. Then we see her having the problem. I'm really tired of the wining . I'm starting to wine
pf United States, 18:32 10th Oct 2011.
I think it's horrible that you are making people BUY the episodes if they miss them on the original airdate. Every other show I watch I can view for FREE online the same week or at least the very next week. This is ridiculous & very disappointing.
Eileen United States, 14:08 29th Sep 2011.
I think why the show is having a problem is they have Walden too much in love with one woman.. instead of Charlies love whoever comes along attitude. This is the writers fault not Ashtons. Ashton is a good actor.
Alan Primer United States, 15:39 27th Sep 2011.
Loyal fans don't forget that Ashton'[s exwife is Dr Melnick's sister on previous edisode. This is a lame episode and I am a loyal fan! You have two depressed men trying to be funny with each other and it is not working. Unless Alan or Ashton has a personality transplant, I see this excellent series jumping the shark soon. Too bad, the end of a great sitcom in TV history!
Jennifer United States, 11:16 27th Sep 2011.
Last night's episode was really pathetic...gave it a shot...just not funny without Sheen
Kezza Australia, 04:56 27th Sep 2011.
Ship happens
Ashley United States, 04:03 27th Sep 2011.
Amazing... You go guys!
MB United States, 01:49 27th Sep 2011.
Even the "canned laughter" isn't laughing anymore. The 2nd episode was even worse. Bury the show and move on!
Jedson Felipe Brazil, 23:53 26th Sep 2011.
Espero que dê certo a série com Ashton Kutcher, sou fã dele e da série, e essa junção me beneficiou muito kk'. E Jon Cryer é fora de série, muito bom mesmo..

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