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8.14 - Lookin' for Japanese Subs Aired January 17, 2011

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Charlie's obsession with the newly "married" Rose leads him to stalk her. Meanwhile, Alan grows concerned when Jake and Eldridge start videotaping stupid and extremely dangerous stunts.

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Guest Stars: Melanie Lynskey as Rose, Graham Patrick Martin as Eldridge

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Lee Aronsohn (Story), Eddie Gorodetsky (Teleplay), Susan Beavers (Teleplay), Jim Patterson (Teleplay)

Director: James Widdoes

Viewers: 15.56 million Households Rating: 9.3/14 Adults 18-49 Rating: 4.6/11

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Comments (5)

Aj United Kingdom, 09:13 5th Apr 2011.
Bring Charlie the ledgend back !!
Kevin United States, 15:05 20th Jan 2011.
What was the website that was on charlies shirt as he was in bed? anyone??
Bpm003 United States, 23:52 18th Jan 2011.
Love Jake and Eldridge. They play off each other very well. Eldridge actually makes Jake funnier and more realistic as a teenager. Would like to see more of them in the future.
TexasLea3 United States, 21:49 17th Jan 2011.
The producers of 2 1/2 Men are Smart in Bringing Back Rose and getting Rid of Chelseas' character,Good Call! Chelsea' only been in this last years' episodes as a full Cast member. Love Rose, she's just whackey enough, but I telligent and so cute! Good Call CBS!
diego Peru, 09:00 15th Jan 2011.
I think they should get back with something about Chelsea, she's been in almost all 6 and 7 season's chapters, one would think she's been a very significant part of Charlie's life. Oh, yeah: Jake was so much funnier when he was a kid, not an adolescent

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