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5.14 - Winky-Dink Time Aired April 13, 2008

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Charlie double-dates with Jake and fixes Alan up with a hooker.

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Guest Stars: Hayley Erin as Milly, Kathryn Gordon as Jess, Jamison Haase as Waiter, Carrie Reichenbach as Alexis, Wolfgang J. Weber as Restaurant Patron

Writers: Jim Patterson, Eddie Gorodetsky, Mark Roberts

Director: James Burrows

Vanity Card

Quotes (1)

Jake: Taste this.
Charlie: I don't need to taste it. It's a chocolate laxative.
Jake: I think it needs more caramel. 
Charlie: I'm telling you, Alan, one of these days that kid's gonna fart and birds are gonna fall out of the sky.

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