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5.06 - Help Daddy Find His Toenail Aired October 28, 2007

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Charlie's girlfriend is embarrassed to go out in public with him. Meanwhile, Jake sneaks out to attend a concert.

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Guest Stars: Ming Wen as Judge Linda Harris, Richard V. Licata as Councilman Stewart, Jeanine Giovanni as Melina

Writers: Chuck Lorre, Lee Aronsohn, Susan Beavers, Jim Patterson

Director: James Widdoes

Vanity Card

Quotes (3)

Alan: Pretty flowers. 
Charlie: Thanks
Alan: Want to stick them in something?

Berta: (Sees Alan using Jake's iPod). Who's he listening to?
Jake: Bucket of Hate.
Berta: They're good—reminds me of early Who.
Jake: Who?
Berta: Yeah.
Jake: What?
Berta: Band's called Who.
Jake: Bucket of Hate.
Berta: And I work for your family.

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