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4.22 - Mr. McGlue's Feedbag Aired April 29, 2007

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Alan asks Charlie to help Jake with his book report so he can take the time to go to the DMV. Charlie agrees and then decides he wants to go to the race track and takes Jake with him. Alan is conned at the DMV.

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Guest Stars: Joel Murray as Petey, Andrea Savage as Lena, Nadine Ellis as Jeanie, Doug Mitchell as Jim, Nancy Linari as Woman (voice)

Writers: Chuck Lorre, Lee Aronsohn, Don Foster, Jim Patterson

Director: Jon Cryer

Vanity Card

Quotes (1)

Jake: How much can I bet?
Charlie: How much did you bring?
Jake: I have to use my own money?
Charlie: Boy, you really are your father's son, aren't you?

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Bill Taft United States, 10:53 2nd Nov 2013.
Classic episode, Real funny actor. Wish he was in more episodes. Bet that is one fun family.(with his brother Bill)

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