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4.08 - Release the Dogs Aired November 12, 2006

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Alan suffers from insomnia. He visits his psychiatrist, who reveals that the cause of Alan's sleepless nights is his jealousy towards Charlie, and his inability to glide through life.

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Guest Stars: Bruno Amato as Officer Roberts, Stefan Umstead as Officer Foster, John Pirruccello as Police Helicopter Pilot (voice), Shane Woodson as Man, Larry Cedar as Policeman #1 (voice), Melanie Abramoff as Taylor, Kelly King as Kelly, Amber Lancaster as Victoria's Secret Model, Jane Lynch as Dr. Linda Freeman

Writers: Chuck Lorre, Lee Aronsohn, Susan Beavers, Jim Patterson

Director: Gary Halvorson

Vanity Card

Quotes (2)

Charlie: No kids in my house.
Jake: I'm a kid.
Charlie: I don't think of you as a kid. I think of you as more of a gassy dwarf.

Jake: (To Charlie). You'll hit on anything with a pulse!

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Mishmax , 11:51 17th Apr 2014.
a gassy dwarf whom is gonna fart 1 day and birds are going to fall out of the sky

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