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12.07 - Sex With An Animated Ed Asner Aired December 11, 2014

Sex With An Animated Ed Asner

Alan and Walden befriend three moms at a kids' gym, but things get complicated when Walden becomes attracted to one of them. Meanwhile, Alan goes out for a girls' night with a group of moms.

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Guest Stars: Deanna Russo as Laurel, Larua Stone as Danielle, Brenda Koo as Julie, Drew Cheetwood as Male Stripper, Rose Matheu as Lily, Lily Bigham as Girl, Tristan Byon as Boy

Writers: Jim Patterson (Story), Jim Vallely (Story), Tim Kelleher (Story), Don Reo (Teleplay), Matt Ross (Teleplay), Max Searle (Teleplay)

Director: James Widdoes

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