Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper. Charlie Harper is a jingle writer living in Malibu, California. He is the #1 bachelor in California. His life isthelife, he drives a Mercedes, lives in a Malibu beach house, drinks as much as he wants (which isa lot), smokes cigars and has his way with as many women as he wants (again, a lot).

Charlie's childhood wasn't easy, a fact he never tires of reminding his mother of. His mother was expecting a girl because the echo didn't show any signs of a penis. After Charlie's father died, he had 3 step-fathers. The first two, a "little tyrant" who left his mother for a younger woman & a twitchy gay man from Texas, were not liked by Charlie. His mother's fourth husband was liked by Charlie, because he had a "grateful daughter".

As a child Charlie was ashamed of his younger brother Alan and, on Alan's first school day, Charlie told everyone at school that Alan was his shaved monkey (he did this because he always wanted a shaved monkey). As a teenager Charlie drank a lot and constantly ran away.

Charlie has had many, many, relationships with woman, some of which were nothing more than transactions (which reminds us, are hooker calls deductible?). Most of Charlie's relationships don't last more than a single night.